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Pants can be more than just clothing. We want to introduce you to the WATERPROOF tactical army pants. They can be a tool you rely on for your adventure, something so useful it maximizes your capabilities and effectiveness. 

The marines and part of the army rely on this same IX9 Designed Trouser each day, allowing them to perform at their best. They're super comfortable, breathable, and waterproof. As a marine, you need full protection and durability. These pants give you everything you need. Perfect for trekking, hiking, climbing, airsoft, or just ultra-convenient daily wear which you can rely on for years to come.

The indestructible pants by TopTacticalGear are the most comfortable men's tactical pants. Lots of pocket storage and fully waterproof protection, ripstop fabric provides excellent durability and comfort - but stylish enough to wear each day. These pants have enough space for your everyday essentials and this makes them the perfect choice for you.

Can be washed directly with water and machine washable fast drying. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Best Work Pants Period

I love these pants. My job supplies Propper pants similar to these. These surpass those in every aspect. They are comfortable, fit well, and are very durable. The seat of the pants is a little lower for my comfort, the fabric breathes well, lightweight but still durable, fit is very comfortable throughout. I use these pants for work around the house as well. The pockets are plentiful and rugged. I could go on about these pants all day. If you require government style pants for work or need a good pair of work pants, I highly recommend these.

nice pants for any occasion

Solid, sturdy cargo points without the bulbulous pockets typically at what you would find at a tradition jeans store (Kohls, Gap) Pockets are all nicely cut, I really like the rear pockets which are diagonal, but deep, even without the velcro tab to close, your wallet sits low enough you never have to worry about pickpockets. These are definitely 3 season pants.


I got these for my husband's birthday, and he has never been so happy to receive clothes. He is your typical guy, jeans a shirt through something over your feet and go. With these pants though he walks taller, and with a lot more confidence. They are water repellant, and extremely durable. They have plenty of pockets for spare magazines, knifes, pens, handcuff keys, and the list goes on. The rear pockets are deep, which is a good thing because when he sits down to drive his wallet doesn't need to be removed for comfort. They fit exactly as we expected and the length was perfect. They are cut just right to fit over boots or to sit on top of shoes. The belt loops are thick and wide enough for their 2 inch belt. The loops are also perfect spaced to keep an OWB holster exactly where you want it. These pants are exactly what we were hoping for, and we will definitely be ordering more. I highly recommend these pants to anyone who likes to do anything outdoors, not just shoot guns.

Look good!

It can hold all items and is strong and durable. It is not as easy to tear or break as my other pants. Hope you like it as much as I do.

They are durable

I wore these pants for camping and backpacking/hiking. They are durable and can resist my abuse in the outdoors (climbing on rocks, scraping with a thick brush, and working on my knees). And they are a good choice in terms of price

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