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  • Softcoat Jacket Cougar QSA for an urban environment that combines the good qualities of materials used and the functionality of the design. There are many pockets that fit everything you need, and there is a quick access system to help you get things done. If you use a weapon, this system will allow you to remove your weapon as quickly as possible.
  • There are two front panels hidden in the pockets for identification, and a large panel again tucked into the back pocket. At the bottom of the back you have a pocket with two holes for quick access. You also have two large outer outer pockets with a cable opening inside. Two bicep pockets also with a cable opening in one, as well as one pocket on the left forearm with a zipper.
  • A larger inner pocket with Velcro closure was added. there are zipper armpit openings for better ventilation, especially during active movement. In rainy weather, there is a hidden hood in the collar with an elastic strap and visor that improves visibility. Soft shell fabric comes with breathable membranes that take moisture out, the vapor permeability of the jacket is 8000g / m2 / 24h.
  • It will protect you from wind and light rain. The quick release system has plastic buckles at the bottom, side zippers and pull straps that allow you to get to the weapon as quickly as possible.
  • The wrists have velcro panels that clasp around your arm, thus stopping the flow of cold inwards, and the lower part of the jacket has an elastic band for the same purpose. All these qualities make the jacket the ideal option for both professionals and casual wear in the city.

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