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  • Stellar Tactical Shoes are designed for people who need comfortable and sturdy shoes for their professional needs or their hobbies. They combine the functionality and strength of tactical shoes and the design and comfort of sports shoes. 
  • The materials used are good not only in appearance but also proven by professionals. Therefore, the shoes withstand the toughest tests. They are easy to maintain, do not leak water and dirt. 
  • Lightweight so you don't get tired when walking long. Strengthening the heel and ankle provides comfort for the longest shifts, while being resistant to torsion and protecting the legs. EVA foam, which absorbs the load of the sole and provides stability.
  • Second generation tactical Combat II tactical shoes made high quality material. Extremely durable, the EVA outsole guarantees safety and comfort on all terrains.

- Outer: 100% polyester / 100% calfskin

- Rubber sole

- EVA (excellent insulating foam that keeps the foot dry and warm)

- Bomb

- Swivel insole

- 9 holes

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