Army Combat Shirt

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  • Combat tactical shirt that targets military, police, security, or extreme sports enthusiasts such as airsoft. It will give you a set of qualities that will allow you to perform your duties as well as possible. 
  • It is designed to be worn under a tactical vest and that is why the torso is different from the sleeves. It is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, which gives high elasticity and does not restrict movement. Cotton spares your skin and does not cause rashes.
  • The torso is longer than the standard blouse to protect the waist and not be removed from the trousers, even with active movement. The collar, shoulders and sleeves are a combination of polyester and cotton to withstand the load.
  • They will not hurt you as you perform your mission. There are velcro stripe panels that you can easily identify with, as well as several pockets located at strategic locations. Biceps pockets are designed for small items such as cards, documents or notes. At the bottom of the forearms there is a place for pens as well as a small pocket for a business card, access card or phone. 
  • The collar is high and protects the neck, and a zipper is added to the chest for easy undressing and dressing. The wrists can tighten, stopping the entry of cold, snow or dirt.

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