Turtleneck Compression Shirt $35.00
92% Polyester, 8% Spandex - Smooth and Ultra-Soft Fabric that provides extreme comfort with very little weight without restriction. Designed for all seasons(training, baseball, basketball, soccer, American football, Squat, weight training, cycle, yoga, rashguard, skiing, snowboarding, golf all weather sports). Non abrasion fabric material with excellent elasticity and durability, UV BLOCKING 98.8%. Moisture Sensing/Quick time Dry/TWO-WAY Air Circulation, Cool in Summer and heat retention in winter. Quick and Dry Transport System - Wicks Sweat away from the body, keeping you cooler and drier.
Men's G6 Combat Shirt $75.00
Polyester/Cotton. Lightweight And Breathable 60% Cotton/40% Polyester Chest/Back And Durable 55% Cotton/45% Polyester. Anti-Abrasion Padded Elbow Patches. Zippered Sleeve Storage Pockets And Glint Tape Holder For IR Tape. Loop On Sleeve Pockets For Attaching Name, Rank, And Flag. Gusseted Sleeves And Mock Turtle Neck Collar.  
Men's TRUE-WARRIOR Combat Shirt Python $55.00
TRUE-WARRIOR Combat Shirt is a tactical long-sleeved shirt that offers high durability and comfort and complements the TRUE-WARRIOR Combat Pant. The durable, quick-drying fabric in the chest and back areas in combination with the ventilated side panels and the special ventilation pockets in the back of the sleeves provide optimal heat transfer even when wearing a cardigan with accessories and additional equipment. In the shoulder area, the shirt has two integrated TopTacticalGear® air / tac® inserts in special pockets. They are 8 mm thick. and provide a more even weight distribution when wearing vests with armor plates, backpacks, and other luggage systems, as well as better ventilation. Each of the sleeves has two pockets. The upper pockets with vertical zipper are located just below the velcro zones for identification marks, etc. stripes and have a protruding textile element that can be held in place by teeth, ensuring the smooth opening of the zipper with one hand. The pockets on the lower part of the sleeve allow quick access to cards, electronic devices, or other documents. Immediately behind the upper pockets of the sleeves are the additional ventilation openings.  Long front zipper Two pockets on each sleeve Ventilation openings with zippers at the top of the sleeves  
Men's ION-SPEC Combat Shirt Black $59.00
Tactical ION-SPEC Shirt is a light, breathable, and elastic tactical blouse with a zipper and functional pockets. The elbow areas are reinforced and can be equipped with additional protectors. This lightweight ION-SPEC Combat Shirt was designed for military use. Its moisture-wicking properties help you dry off quickly and cool down faster, keeping you comfortable even in the most extreme conditions. The Tactical Shirt is designed for anyone who needs a durable shirt that can withstand extreme conditions. The sleeves are made with abrasion-resistance material so rough sports or training won’t tear them apart. High collar with zipper. 2 x pockets at the top of each sleeve. Velcro areas for stripes on the sleeves. Velcro fastening on the wrists. Ventilation openings in the armpits. Material: 95%Polyester, 5%Spandex  Sleeve: 100% Polyester    
Men's TRUE-WARRIOR Combat Shirt Green $49.00
This military-style shirt is built to withstand abrasions, increasing its longevity and quality. With a military-grade Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish for moisture resistance, the shirt is constructed with double reinforced burnout shoulders and elbows. Tactical blouse WARRIOR with elbow protectors. The model is used by American soldiers. Very popular with people who play airsoft and paintball. Suitable for wearing under a tactical vest. Can be used in combination with WARRIOR Tactical Pants.Material: 100% polyester.Material of the sleeves and collar: 100% cotton ripstop.High collar with zipper.Velcro sleeve pockets on the outside.Wrist sleeve width adjustment.  
Men's Assualt Camo Shirt Multicam $65.00
With the WOD 4 Training Shirt, you won’t need to worry about rips or tears affecting your game. The fabric's abrasion-resistance sleeves are reinforced with material that ensures no wear or tears no matter how rough the training, sport, or activity is performed. It’s made from our soft and durable polyester material with a breathable mesh back panel, so you'll stay cool and dry when you train hard. Tactical blouse Assault Camo is designed to be worn under a tactical vest. The sleeves and collar are made of durable waterproof material that is resistant to wear. The high collar protects the neck from cold and sun, and if you do not lift the zipper to the top, the collar can be folded. The sleeves have pockets for soft protectors that protect the elbows from crawling injuries, shooting from a lying position, as well as from bumps and falls. There are two pockets with velcro flaps, on which velcro panels for stripes are added. On the forearms, you have pockets for pens that hold them firmly so that they do not fall out when moving. The wrists are fastened with velcro straps tightly around the arms, which stops the entry of dirt and cold. The torso is made of modacrylic and cotton, it is breathable and quick-drying, allows moisture to come out, and dries faster than ordinary cotton. The material is elastic and does not restrict the freedom of movement, so you can work calmly. Material - 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex  
Men's Assualt Camo Shirt ACU $65.00
Combat tactical blouse, which is aimed at servicemen, police, security guards, or fans of extreme sports such as airsoft. It will give you a set of qualities that will allow you to perform your duties as well as possible. It is designed to be worn under a tactical vest and that is why the torso is different from the sleeves. It is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, which gives high elasticity and does not restrict movement. Cotton protects your skin and does not cause rashes. The torso is longer than a standard blouse to protect the waist and not be taken off the pants, even during active movement. The collar, shoulders, and sleeves are a combination of polyester and cotton to withstand stress. The elbow protection prevents not injure yourself while fulfilling your mission. There are velcro stripe panels that are easy to identify with, as well as several pockets located in strategic places. Biceps pockets are designed for small items such as cards, documents, or notes. In the lower part of the forearms, there is space for pens, as well as a small pocket for a business card, access card, or phone. The collar is high and protects the neck, and a zipper to the chest is added for easy undressing and dressing. The wrists can be tightened, which stops the entry of cold, snow, or dirt.
Men's Assualt Camo Shirt Dark Camo $65.00
Staying comfortable during training is a must, which is why we built our military-style shirt with abrasion-resistance sleeves. The reinforcement material lining the forearms of this shirt prevents wear and tearing during athletic activities, ensuring that you can continue to train for multiple seasons to come. Tactical blouse Assualt Camo is suitable for professional military. security guards and police officers, but also for fans of airsoft and military simulations. The torso is made of TOP COOL material, which has high breathability and dries very quickly, so your body will be able to breathe, and when you sweat it dries much faster than cotton. Also, the fabric is elastic and does not restrict movement. This makes it suitable for wearing both on its own as part of a uniform and under a tactical vest and chest rig. With a vest on top, especially during the summer season can be quite uncomfortable, so this piece of clothing makes the mission much easier. The sleeves are made of strong material, a combination of cotton and nylon. This way you have the necessary strength and faster drying. When you shoot, crawl or go through dense vegetation, the blouse will stay strong. There are two biceps pockets convenient for small objects such as a photo of the area, a map, or an official document. The elbows are reinforced and the wrists are tightened to prevent dirty and cold air from entering. There is also a zipper to the chest with a guard against pinching the chin. The perfect blouse to complement your outfit whether you are a professional or you like to have fun.  
Men's Tactical Shirt PRO G3 Multicam $79.00 $110.00
Built to endure the toughest conditions, this army green tactical shirt is made with extremely strong and durable material that resists wearing, tearing, and abrasions. Ideal for soldiers, active outdoorsmen, and all conditions of weather, this military-style shirt helps provide the protection you need when battling against harsh elements. Tactical blouse '' PRO® TACTICAL '' TopTacticalGear 100% cottonRipstop boardsbolero - additional tactical extensioncan be worn according to the requirements for different layers of clothes (shirts, vests, etc.) the bolero reaches only above the chest and is equipped with a continuous zipper zipper with chin protection peripheral elastic in the chest area border of the elbow adjustable cuffs by closing the hook and contour 4 pockets on the upper arm with a zipper closing the contour with a pocket on the upper arm and a lid to close the hook  
Men's Assualt Camo Shirt Woodland $65.00
Assault camo tactical shirt designed to be worn under the tactical vest, with which you will have the necessary comfort and protection of the body. The torso is made of pure cotton, which does not irritate the skin and does not cause allergic reactions. The sleeves are made of ripstop fabric combination of polyester and cotton to be as strong and reliable as possible. For added protection, soft EVA foam shoulder and elbow protectors have been added to protect against impact. The cut is tailored and fits all types of uniforms. It has a zipper to the chest for easy undressing and dressing, and the collar is high to protect the neck. The sleeves have two pockets with zippers at the height of the biceps and on velcro panels for stripes. With a military-style build, this men’s shirt becomes an innovative piece of apparel perfect for a variety of use. It has a durable 100% cotton construction and innovative abrasion resistance sleeves that are perfect for training, military, or law enforcement work. Made from high-quality material that is designed to withstand daily wear and tear, this classic polo shirt is perfect for everyday wear.  
Men's TRUE-WARRIOR Combat Shirt Woodland $55.00
TopTacticalGear TRUE-WARRIOR Shirt is made with resistance sleeves that are designed with the front and rear forearms that provide extra durability. The sleeves have been designed to not cause wear or tear no matter how rough the training, sport, or activity is performed. This military-style shirt is built to withstand abrasions increasing its longevity and quality Tactical TRUE-WARRIOR, with which you will have the necessary comfort to perform flawlessly even the most difficult tactical tasks. It is made with two zones, which are designed for different things. The torso is made of cotton material, which is strong but does not steam the body. It will allow the body to breathe and the heat emitted by it to come out. The sleeves and collar are made of Ripstop material, which is resistant to tearing and abrasion so that it can pass through any terrain. The elbows have pockets in which you can put soft protectors to protect the elbows when crawling or shooting in a supine position. The additional fabric for elbow pockets also serves as a reinforcement, as this is one of the areas with the highest load. To enhance the breathability of the armpits, mesh panels have been added that allow air to move. The sleeves have two pockets for small items on which there are velcro panels for stripes. The collar is fastened high to protect the neck from cold and sun, and the wrists are fastened with velcro straps. At the top of the back, just below the neck, there is a small velcro stripe panel so that you can easily recognize your colleague or teammate in thick smoke, fog, or dark weather.  
Men's ION-SPEC Combat Shirt Multicam $59.00
The durability of this military-style shirt is built to withstand braver training sessions, longer workouts, and rougher activities. Its sleeves are made from material that won’t break down under pressure, increasing its longevity and quality in the long run. Proven in real conditions, ION-SPEC Combat Shirt Multicam is a comfortable and light garment designed to be worn under the vest.ION® fabric absorbs and quickly removes moisture away from the body and gives a feeling of coolness. The sleeves are made of reinforced ION-Spec 50/50 NYCO ripstop fabric with two double pockets with velcro lids. They are designed to use the patented ION-D elbow protectors (not included).The collar closes with a YKK zipper, which allows easy dressing and undressing. Double hand pockets Optimize pocket for elbow protectors (not included) Material: Polyester + Cotton  
Men's ION-SPEC Combat Shirt Green Python $59.00
The Long Sleeve Tactical Shirt is made from durable polyester material that resists tearing, ripping, and wear with its abrasion-resistant sleeves. These sleeves are reinforced with a special material that creates a strong barrier against damage that can occur from strenuous training, sport, or activity. Each of the sleeves has two pockets. The upper pockets with vertical zipper are located just below the velcro zones for identification marks, etc. stripes and have a protruding textile element that can be held in place by teeth, ensuring the smooth opening of the zipper with one hand. The pockets at the bottom of the sleeve allow quick access to cards, electronic devices, or other documents, and their upper part offers MOLLE compatible mounts. Zipper closure Material: 65% polyeter+35% cotton Long sleeve 1/4 zip front with a collar that can be worn up or down Tactical Response Uniform sleeves; Reinforced elbows; shoulder pockets; adjusted cuffs  
Men's Long Sleeve Sherpa Lined Jacket $65.00 $79.00
100% Cotton; Lining: 100% PolyesterButton closureMachine WashRELAXED FIT. Constructed with comfort in mind, this mid-weight flannel shirt will keep you comfortable in many climates. Wear alone or with additional layers in cooler temperatures.PLUSH SHERPA LINING. This unique flannel shirt allows you to take your Fall style into Winter with the added warmth of shearling lining.ADDED STORAGE. (2) Chest pockets to ensure that there is always room for your basic necessities - great for storing your wallet, sunglasses, or any other quick-access items you may need.
Men's ION-SPEC Combat Shirt ACU $49.00 $59.00
The military-style shirt is built to withstand abrasions, increasing its longevity and quality. The gear has a military look about it that many men feel when putting it on for the first time. This shirt is durable to keep up with harsh conditions, as well as versatile since it can be worn in many situations throughout the day and night. ION-SPEC Tactical Combat Shirt offers great maneuverability, durability, and practicality in harsh conditions. Made of the patented ION-Tac fabric, allowing stretchability. Reinforced areas of the shoulders and elbows, additionally treated with Teflon coating against stains and moisture. Adjustable cuffs, a high collar, and a quarter zipper ensure a snug fit for maximum comfort. On each sleeve, there is a pocket in the biceps area, which is ideal for storing things. Material: polyester + cotton, lightweight and breathable, rip-stop and abrasion-resistant for all kinds of outdoor sports Treated shoulders and sleeves with Teflon coating Vertical sleeve pockets Included in the set are velcro elements and epaulets for sewing Reinforced elbows Adjustable cuffs High collar