Throwing Knife

throwing knife

The throwing knife has a long history, but nowadays, many modern-day swatches have been developed as one of the means of military operations that requires the enemy to be quietly and unnoticed. Of course, just like shooting at a target, knife throwing may just be a hobby, a sport or part of a show program. In this article, we will focus on the basic features that a throwing knife must possess, as well as on some points related to its military use.

One of the basic qualities a throwing knife must possess is a good balance between the handle and the blade. To avoid breaking the balance, these types of knives do not have a guard. It should be about 200g in weight (less weight requires more precision throwing skills). It should be the sharp tip of the knife, not the edges of the blade (related to throwing techniques). The knife should be thick enough so that its tip does not bend. Some throwing knives have molded holes in the body. It should be borne in mind that any such breakthrough makes them more susceptible to breakage. Therefore, a quality throwing knife, if there is an opening, is usually one with a small size.

As a rule, throwing knives are carried at least two per set. The kits can be homogeneous - with knives identical in appearance or mixed - made up of knives of different shape, size and weight.

The impact of a throwing knife can gain significantly more penetrating power than a blow with a knife held in your hand. The reason for this is the momentum gained during flight. However, such a result can only be achieved after serious training. With practical experience, a well-thrown knife penetrates the wooden target at 28 mm, while at impact, with the knife held in the hand, the blade penetrates only 16-17 mm. The difference is almost double.

In addition to a good and good throwing knife, you need the proper skills to use it properly after hard training. And this is by no means simple. In training combatants performing sabotage operations, the ability to accurately throw a knife can be one of the basic skills required. It can be resorted to except in situations where the opponent does not expect an attack and at the moment when he attacks or retreats. When the enemy expects an attack, the knife must be thrown at it at a distance of no more than 4 meters. He could avoid it at greater distance. The throwing knife can also be used in defense. In this situation, if the opponent is closer, the throwing grip is as close as possible to the tip of the blade. If the distance is greater, the grip is closer to the handle. This method is effective up to a distance of 6 meters to the enemy. But, of course, this refers to its use in combat situations by trained people.

There are several basic steps to mastering and perfecting a knife throw:

- Learn basic knife grip techniques and basic throwing stands

- Eliminate swing and throwing techniques

- Master the throwing

- Master the throwing motion