The Shemagh Or The Palestinian Scarf

Shemagh is a specific Arab shawl, which gradually came into use in a number of army units. This name was given to it by British colonial forces, who were quick to evaluate its qualities and put it into service as part of army equipment for hot climates. It is also known as the Palestinian shawl or kufi, which is its Arabic name. Today, shemagh is widely used by combatants in a number of army units (such as the British SAS, the French Foreign Legion, the US Marines, German
Special Forces, etc.), as well as mercenaries or paramilitary formations. Many military equipment companies are already offering this scarf. Its military version is in colors that do not disturb the camouflage of the fighter. Most often it is produced in a combination of black and olive green or sandy color.
Modern use of shemagh is not limited to Palestinian salsam in hot climates, the scarf is suitable for a variety of climates. In the heat, it protects the face and neck from burning and the head from overheating. It also serves as a dust and sand filter in windy weather. When the temperature drops, it retains heat like a regular scarf. Shemagh is valuable in the field and because there are many other applications.
For example, its size allows it to be used for a small shelter when unfolding (which is convenient, for example, when it is necessary to protect some of the equipment from direct sunlight). It can also be used for dressing - both for a wound and for holding a broken arm, for example. If necessary, it can also become a partner. The shemagh is also large enough to be used as a makeshift bag or bundle to carry equipment or any luggage if needed. Use as a towel or rope is also possible.
With more ingenuity, other applications may be found. This checkered functionality makes it popular, not only among the military, but also among tourists and Bushcraft enthusiasts. He also enjoys success as a fashion attribute.