The Rescue Blanket - An Important Part of The Equipment

rescue blanket
The blanket is a really important and indispensable part of every mountaineer's outfit, especially in winter conditions. In critical situations, it can literally be the difference between life and death. At the same time, it is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear when hiking, and its market price is quite low. The qualities of the material it is made of also allow for a variety of different applications of this product, making it an important part of any survival kit.

What is this product? Rescue blanket is another example of space technologies that have entered the field of tourism. This slim and lightweight material was developed by NASA in 1964 as an isolation device used in the Skylab space station. For this reason and in the West, they often call the blanket "space". It is made of a thin layer of plastic (usually PET) with a metal coating. Most often it is silver in color, but it is also golden. The blanket material is capable of reflecting back up to 97% of the heat radiated from the human body wrapped in it. In addition to its ability to retain heat, the blanket also has full watertightness, making it ideally suited to equipment for a variety of situations.

The main function of the blanket is to prevent hypothermia, but it also finds many other uses. The strong reflectivity of the material is useful if one is lost in nature as glare is noticeable over long distances. In the case of torrential rain, in the absence of appropriate clothing, the blanket can become a makeshift raincoat. Its waterproofing makes it an appropriate emergency dressing when the wound has to be protected from getting wet. If necessary, it can be used in the manufacture of shelter. It is also useful when you need an extra insulating layer under the sleeping bag. It can even be used in hot weather, for example, as a cover of a makeshift canopy reflecting strong sunlight. There are many other uses, from making fish baits, to collecting or carrying water, such as a clothes dryer, to cooking, and many more. This is a really unique and very useful product. And most importantly - easily accessible to anyone.