NEOPRENE - A Suitable Choice for Cold Time


One of the materials that are particularly suitable for keeping the heat in cold weather is neoprene. This type of synthetic rubber was developed in the 1930s by scientists at the industrial giant DuPont. It is significantly more resistant to wear than similar natural or artificial materials. It shows great durability under extreme conditions (can be used at temperatures from -55 ° C to + 90 ° C) and the temperature at which forests are at 260 ° C. These qualities, combined with the excellent thermal insulation that neoprene provides, make it the preferred choice for making different equipment. It applies from diving clothing, through military products such as gloves and face masks, to cold weather clothing such as sweaters and blouses. It is the latter that we will focus on.

What we can recommend as clothing that we have personally tested are the neoprene sweatshirts of the German company Mil-Tec. They provide extra comfort as they are padded with polar fleece. They can be worn both under the jacket and at the top. Aside from being waterproof, they are resistant to high winds, which is a big plus on cold days. The hood with a tightening elastic provides additional protection in windy weather. The garment has a two-way zipper, two large pockets, and the sleeves of the sleeves do not allow snow to penetrate. Light weight also contributes to comfort. We have already made sure that this type of clothing is a really good choice for frosty days.

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