Hikinig and Camping Food - MRE Packages


When planning a longer stay or hiking in nature, it is important what food to bring with us. Durability, nutritional value, method of preparation, weight and of course, taste, are among the main things to consider when choosing. One of the products that has become increasingly popular in recent years are the so-called MRE packages. The name comes from the abbreviation of Meal, Ready-to-Eat. These are packets of pre-cooked, one-meal meals designed for the United States Army. The plastic packaging of the package makes it much lighter than standard cans.

The package usually contains basic food, some spices, dessert, utensils and napkins. It was first introduced into the US Army in 1981, but a real revolutionary change came in 1990, when a chemically smokeless heater was included in the package. Upon contact with water, it begins to release heat and after a few minutes, the fighter has warm, as if fresh food. In doing so, without taking the time or effort to light a fire (moreover, in certain situations, this is impossible or very dangerous). Due to the high practicality of this type of food package, many armies around the world are creating their own version of the US MRE. Naturally, this type of food is also coming to market, as its civilian use is widespread and demand is increasing.

Among the advantages are:

- the rapid warming of food without the need for fire

- the high taste qualities of the product, which are retained in this type of canning and reheating

- relatively low weight - the portion is not as light as the cold-vacuumed "space" foods, which are also sold freely, but there is not much extra weight on the package, as with ordinary canned food.

- the packaging is sufficiently robust and reliable as it is designed for field conditions.

- its durability is also good - at a temperature of 27 ° C, the shelf life is 3 years.

In conclusion, this is a really good choice for your menu for the time you will be in nature.