Festival Camping - 7 Things To Know & How to Pack

festival camping

Festival camping can be an extremely fun experience, but we need to get the right gear!

1. Tent

The tent is probably the most important part of our festival equipment. It will be your place of rest, but also a shelter in case your weather plays a bad joke. So be careful when choosing a tent - it is big enough for you to be comfortable, but not too big so as not to waste time in endless stretching instead of enjoying your favorite band. Check that it is waterproof and easy to stretch and retract.

2. The sleeping bag

The market currently offers an extremely wide selection of sleeping bags. Check the weather forecast and choose the warmer or lighter you need (the temperature indicators), and from there you will orient yourself to the shape (rectangular, mummy type, cylindrical) and last but not least - the filling (fluff or synthetics) 

3. Melt or inflate the mattress

Even in summer, the ground can be cold, so it is important to have an insulating layer under your sleeping bag. An appropriate solution is a quilt or if you have more space in your backpack - a whole inflatable mattress that will give you more comfort (but it would be good to get a pump too)

4. Camping Lighting

The flashlight on your smartphone is not always the solution, and you will need the battery for photos and videos. So get ready with the right camping lighting to help you find your tent at night. Numerous types of lanterns, camping lamps and shutters are now available on the market. Our recommendation is to bring a good forehead with you so that your hands are free (which you will appreciate while carrying your drink with one hand and taking pictures with the other).

5. Tourist pillow

You probably won't have much time to sleep during the festival, so it's important to have a good night's sleep. A travel pillow will give you comfort and will not take up much space in your luggage, compared to the usual ones.

6. Appropriate clothing and accessories

Here we will not dwell on the fashion side of festivals and comment on whether you want to wear a tank top or not, but rather what is practical in terms of field conditions. That's why our waterproof jacket comes first in our list, as the weather can be unpredictable. For this reason, the second place is also waterproof shoes that will keep you dry and warm, even when the clearing fires away from the fast-moving storm. Sunglasses and goggles are also a must if the weather decides to surprise you in the opposite direction. In this line of thought, remember your sunscreen, toothbrush and at least one microfiber cloth (we know from the Galactic Trail Guide that it can do anything). If space is left, it does not hurt to pack a field toilet for end use, unless you wait for hours in the queue before the chemicals. It is very important that you have at least one battery to charge your phone. Earplugs can be your salvation if you want to retire for a short nap and gather strength.

7. Backpack

And after picking everything up so far, it makes sense that you should have a backpack - big enough, reliable and sturdy enough to hold your luggage.