EQUIPMENT: Ballistic Glasses


The first important thing to note about ballistic glasses is that they are safety goggles. But not all goggles are ballistic. But what is the difference? What exactly does the definition of “ballistic” mean? To clarify this, we need to briefly say what ballistics is.

Ballistics is the science of the movement of bodies in space after being given some initial impetus. It is most widely used in military affairs. Accordingly, ballistic protection means are safeguards that must be able to stop an object moving at high speed.

And here comes the difference between ballistic goggles and ordinary safety goggles used as a safety gadget in different working environments. Ballistic goggles are specially designed for military use as well as for the needs of special police units. They must provide reliable protection against objects such as fragments moving at a much higher speed. The goggles used in industrial environments do not have enough resistance to stop debris moving at high speed. As with other ballistic protectors, the goggles have different standards of durability. There are currently three basic standards that are used to test the performance of ballistic glasses. Two are from the US - civilian and army and one is European. We will introduce you to them in detail in our next article.

In addition to ballistic protection requirements, military goggles must also meet certain conditions for optical purity, UV protection, comfort, chemical resistance and environmental resistance. The goggles meeting these standards have also been used by other government agencies, such as special police forces, fire and civil protection. Civilian use of this product is also increasing. Ballistic goggles are often used by people who are active in shooting, as well as hunters. Due to the higher level of comfort and protection, they are often preferred in different working environments. But they are most popular with airsoft people. This is due to the greater durability and reliability, the greater wearing comfort, and the fact that, unlike ordinary safety glasses, ballistic does not sweat as much in physical activity.